Marketing over Networks

For most organisations the growth of on-line services represent both opportunity and threat. They are an opportunity to grow new channels of distribution, gain wider geographic coverage, offer new products or retarget existing ones, and a new vehicle to communicate with customers and prospective customers. A threat because existing competitors can move more easily in to your territory and new competitors can be born.

But amongst all the hype, where are the true business benefits? What is the right pace at which to embrace the opportunity? Which of the many networks and technologies on offer is the right one to choose for the job? And how can I maximise the potential while minimising the risk?

This consultancy service is designed to help you answer these questions in the context of your individual business needs and capabilitites.

Service Methodology

Management Briefing

We start by spending a half a day to one day working with your senior planners to establish the scope of your business and interests. We then prepare a personalised half day briefing for you and your senior colleagues on the state of the industry today and the opportunites we feel it provides in the context of your business. This briefing can be given on your site or at our offices. Particular focus will be thrown on:

  • the relevance of network based marketing to your industry
  • analysis of competitor activity in the field both home and abroad
  • ability of the different networks to reach your target audiences
  • opportunities for different service offers
  • outline costs for participation

If your staff are not familiar with the current range of services we can also arrange to demonstrate typical examples of what is on offer and how they operate.

Optionally we can facilitate further evaluation of the opportunities in a workshop format discussion with a view to making firm implementation recommendations.

Implementation Planning

When you have decided which areas you would like to pursue, we will work with your nominated planners to draw up an implementation plan based on our experience of the optimal ways to proceed. This will include development of a specification of the service which will be suitable for putting out to tender or passing to the relevant internal groups for action.

If you wish we can also manage the process of requesting and evaluating tenders.

Implementation Management

We also provide project management services to manage the implementation of the service to ensure that it is delivered to time, cost and quality. Our experience of implementing our own services and services for our clients ensures that we avoid the pitfalls that can occur in this phase.

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