Providing systems on which clients can mount their internet services is a very competitive business. That is because many suppliers see it as a way to make easy money from their spare IT resources, or as a sideline to their internet access business. By the same token, casual suppliers are not interested in providing a customised service as this takes resource away from the base business, so an attractive price does not always mean the best option.

If you have a basic service or do not require any significant customisation then a bulk provider may be appropriate. However the most successful sites are where the designer, implementer and host work in close harmony to build something uniquely appealing. Our service is offered to clients of our design and implementation services to allow a complete intenet service to be implemented “under one roof”, offering potential for reduced costs, faster timescales and a more integrated solution.

Service Methodology

Service Infrastructure

We have a dedicated 64kbit/sec line to our internet service provider. All incoming traffic is routed to our dual resilient servers. One server is the nominated active server while the other is on hot standby. A watchdog protocol runs between the two servers. In the event of the primary server failing, the secondary server automatically reconfigures the network addresses and takes over the service. At the same time the duty operator is informed of the failure, so repair of the failing system can begin as soon as possible.

All service data is held on multiple discs and this is backed up daily and removed off site, ensuring that system failure does not result in loss of data. The servers and router are run on uninterruptable power supplies.

Service Facilities

We run the following internet services as standard:

  • World Wide Web including
    • Forms processing to file or email
    • forums / chat services
    • “shopping basket” services
    • secure transactions (via SSL)
  • FTP
  • Gopher
  • listserve (auto-remailer and mailing list applications)

The following services could be implemented on the current infrastructure on demand:

  • CU-SeeMe (videoconferencing) reflector
  • Fax gateway
  • EDI integration


Aside from regular administration of the operation of the service, we offer value added services such as closed user group management, feedback acknowledgement, and standard request handling (such as brochure distribution).

In addition service management requests (such as communication with “Webmaster” or “PostMaster” identities) can be routed to the client organisation for processing with full process tracking.

Service Reporting

Standard statistics of service use are provided to clients on a monthly basis. These typically include:

  • Use by domain name
  • Use by region
  • Use by content type / identity

For customised services such as closed used groups or transactional systems other levels of reporting will be provided as required by the client.

Service Level Agreements

Service levels are subject to individual negotiation, and pricing can be set on a number of volume parameters. Please discuss your requirements with us.

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